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Like many companies, Diadon Enterprises had its share of obstacles over the years but those obstacles proved to be a vital stepping stone to the growth we have experienced in recent years. Our company was founded by Donnell Gattis, Sr. as Gattis Construction Company in 1989. Mr. Gattis was a full-time representative of the National Teamsters Union where he served beginning in 1968; he eventually became the Treasurer serving with notable Teamsters President, James Hoffa, Jr. The responsibility of the Teamsters Union became his passion and he began teaching his son, Donnell Gattis, Jr. about the transportation industry. It wasn’t until years after graduating from The Ohio State University that JR became interested in a future in his father’s footsteps.


Under the leadership of Don, as he prefers to be called, the company has experienced explosive growth. In 2011, Diadon Enterprises was awarded over $6.5 million in contracts, including the primary transportation of construction materials of a major Ohio highway project. This proved to be a great learning experience. “One thing that I never anticipated was the amount of opposition to us receiving such a major contract. The lies and deceitful things done to affect our success were really an eye opener. I decided at that point to run the business similar to a Fortune 500 company; we position ourselves to raise significant capital, appointed a board of directors, aligned ourselves with strategic business partners and completely revised how we ran our business.” The result was an expansion into North Carolina with clients in the oil business, environmental and construction industries and a recycling industry contract in Ohio that could eventually employ over 30 fulltime drivers. Diadon Enterprises is a company where the future truly is bright.